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VD: A large mass of young people marching down a city street with signs for climate change
VD: SVN Circle logo. A yellow circle with a white outline and the letters SVN in the centre of the circle

For young people, by young people

The Student Voice Network (SVN) is a FREE, VIRTUAL platform that supports young people to lead, participate in and amplify projects that take action on social justice and environmental issues. 

At SVN, we know that we can do more together then we ever could alone. With the Student Voice Network there is no need to reinvent the wheel as we learn and support each other to take back the reigns of our future and make a difference.


All member options provide different opportunities and commitments however all serve a purpose. 

VD: Circle image of four young people leading a protest with signs (they are unreadable). Marching down a city street.

Join the Network

Advocacy, community and upskilling are the 3 pillars which SVN stands on. We don't have to accept the status quo and we can fight (lawfully) for what we believe in. Meet other like minded passionate people and extend your impact to tens of thousands of people!

VD: A screenshot of an SVN Discord call. There are 19 people in the call with 4 rows, 5 people in each with 4 in the final road. 8 people have their cameras on and they can be seen smiling.



Get FREE one-on-one or group mentoring to develop leadership and campaigning skills to bring the change YOU want to see to life! 



Gain access to our Discord changemaker community. Share resources, tips and opportunities.



Come to monthly meet and greets where you can meet other changemakers, hear inspiring stories and learn valuable skills.

--> On the 15th of every month at 7 pm AEST on  Discord:). ie. June 15th, July 15th 

Get Involved in ADVOCACY

Are you a student or professional with campaign experience that is ready to help someone else? Yes? We want to hear from you XD. 

As an SVN Mentor you decide how many people you mentor at any one time and you decide with the mentee on the frequency and time of catch ups. 

VD: This image is cropped into a circle shape. In the foreground slightly off centre to the right. A young person with long hair, a navy jumper and denim pants is facing away from the camera, towards a large group of young people. They hold a microphone and are speaking to the crowd. In the background there are large trees to the right and a multi-story building to the left.

*To be an SVN Mentor you must have a current Working With Children's Check or equivilent in your state and must provide proof of this to SVN officials. 

Support as an SVN Mentor

Together we
will create a wave of change that will ripple across this country.

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