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For young people, by young people

The Student Voice Network (SVN) is a FREE, VIRTUAL platform that supports young people to lead, participate in and amplify projects that take action on social justice and environmental issues. 

At SVN, we know that we can do more together then we ever could alone. With the Student Voice Network there is no need to reinvent the wheel as we learn and support each other to take back the reigns of our future and make a difference.


All member options provide different opportunities and commitments however all serve a purpose. 

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Advocacy, community and upskilling are the 3 pillars which SVN stands on. We don't have to accept the status quo and we can fight (lawfully) for what we believe in. Meet other like minded passionate people and extend your impact to tens of thousands of people!


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In 2021, SVN has started to operate as a social enterprise. This means that we engage in activities to make money. We do this by partnering with great businesses to help them get youth insight through paid and optional focus groups and surveys. We then use this money to fund our campaigns and take action. Nothing goes to waste!

If you have any questions what so ever about how SVN uses and or makes money then please email studentvoicenetwork@gmail.com . We are committed to being open and transparent!

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