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VD: Four young people leading a protest with signs (they are unreadable). Marching down a city street.


At the Student Voice Network, there are a number of ways to get involved. From being a Member who can access free mentorship and our change-making community to being a mentor or teacher ally. Sounds cool right? Below is a highlight reel of our fab member options and programs. 

Mentoring. Community. Inspiration.

Advocacy, community, and upskilling are the 3 pillars on which SVN stands. We don't have to accept the status quo and we can fight (lawfully) for what we believe in. Meet other like-minded passionate people and extend your impact to tens of thousands of people!

So why join SVN?



Get FREE one-on-one or group mentoring to develop leadership and campaigning skills to bring the change YOU want to see to life! 



Gain access to our Discord changemaker community. Share resources, tips and opportunities.



Come to monthly meet and greets where you can meet other changemakers, hear inspiring stories and learn valuable skills.

--> On the 15th of every month at 7 pm AEST on Discord :). ie. June 15th, July 15th 

Get Involved in ADVOCACY

At SVN, we know that we can do more together than we ever could alone. With the Student Voice Network, there is no need to reinvent the wheel as we learn and support each other to take back the reigns of our future and make a difference.


Are between the ages of 13-30 and want to make a difference?

VD: A circular cropped screenshot of an SVN Discord call. There are 19 people in the call with 4 rows, 5 people in each with 4 in the final road. 8 people have their cameras on and they can be seen smiling.

Other ways to get involved

Someone who has campaign experience and wants to provide support to mentees through advice to our project leaders.

The best kind of teacher or school staff member who wants to support students at their school make the world a better place!

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