We are so glad you are here and interested in becoming an SVN member! Signing up as an SVN Member is your golden ticket to getting involved in any of our programs, projects, and other amazing opportunities like upskilling or social events. 


By becoming an SVN Member, you get to choose what you get involved in, and how often, having an impact in social and environmental topics that are important to you. Whether that’s climate change, mental health, racism, sexism or more, SVN is the impact platform to be part of. 

Members get access to a range of targeted support, learning opportunities and kinship that support and accelerate their personal growth and impact journeys. 

Why become a member?

This is a great entry path into the SVN network, whether you have your sights set on one of our opportunities like the Project Architect Program or Ambassador Program, or just want to get to know more about what our platform can unlock for you before taking on more.


With SVN, you’ll be proud to be part of a platform of enthusiastic young people that are having an impact in social and environmental affairs in schools, universities and communities across the country. 


SVN projects meet either 6:30-8pm AEST Monday or 6:30-8pm AEST Thursday, weekly, fortnightly or monthly on our virtual discord server! 

This way you can choose to join projects that fit in with your timetable!


All young people aged 13-30 years with an interest in having an impact in social justice and environmental issues are welcome to become SVN Members!

You may have only a little time up your sleeve, or a lot, you choose how involved you get as a Member. We ask that all members be involved in just one project, whether you lead your own or pitch in to support any of our other projects.


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Looking for a little less commitment? Try being one of these 3

An informed member of our network of any age who stays in the loop and supports SVN!

A skilled professional (we look for all skills) who wants to provide support through advice to our project leaders 

The best kind of teacher or school staff member who wants to support students at their school make the world a better place!