Teachers… where would we be without them? You are at the forefront of one of our most essential services: education. At SVN we recognise and champion just how vital a role teachers and education have to the work of young people in launching impactful projects and activism in social and environmental issues. 

By becoming a Teacher Ally, you become a trusted contact for students at your school involved in SVN, or who want to learn more about getting a foot in the door on activism and projects in social and environmental issues. 


This is the perfect opportunity for teachers who would like to spend the occasional moment supporting students to make a real difference in issues they (and you!) care about. You’ll watch both the students and your collective impact grow and expand!


We also ask Teachers who sign up as an Ally if we can contact them for further opportunities, such as offering their expert perspective for other schools and providing feedback that will back our work and our tried-and-tested resources.

The amazing work of an SVN Teacher Ally: what’s involved?


How do we support our Teacher Allies?

SVN supports the vital work of our Teacher Allies by:

  1. providing them with access to tried-and-tested resources from other schools and support through the SVN platform

  2. running an orientation program, so they are ready to run in the role with ease from day one

  3. keeping them in the loop on SVN’s work, opportunities and impact - to share with their students, networks and of course highlight the impact they are helping create

  4. giving our Allies a shareable certificate for their participation

Who can become a Teacher Ally?

Any high school, college or university teacher with an interest in supporting the work of young activists and changemakers towards topical social and environmental issues. ​

Come say ‘Hi’ as a new SVN Teacher Ally!

We would absolutely love to have you on board as our newest Ally! Sign up (hyperlink to sign up page) now to get started and expand your impact.

And of course, thank you for the amazing work you do to educate our youth <3

Got some questions? We’d love to hear from you! Flick us an email at and we’ll get back to you.​

Looking for a something different? Try one of these 3

Between the ages of 13-30 who's interested in participating in, leading and or amplifying projects. 

A skilled professional (we look for all skills) who wants to provide support through advice to our project leaders 

An informed member of our network of any age who stays in the loop and supports SVN!