SVN Besties are those of any age who wish to stay informed of all the incredible things we do at SVN without the commitment of being an SVN Member. We want no one to miss out on being part of our network so this option is perfect for any passionate changemaker or person whose friend or child bugged them into signing up!  

By signing up you’ll be privy to all the exciting activism opportunities that SVN has on offer and be kept in the loop as part of our community. 

If you sign up as a Bestie, you can choose to hear about: 

  • Exciting SVN opportunities

  • Surveys you can complete for money

  • Focus groups you can be paid to take part in, while supporting a topical issue!

  • General SVN news and updates

  • Information about our fantastic partners and the impactful work they do

  • Updates on current and ongoing SVN projects

  • Information about our upskilling program

The best part? You can pick and choose what types of things you hear about and can avoid all the unnecessary spam. And just to reiterate it’s perfect for anyone outside the membership age (13-30), we want everyone to be an SVN Bestie!

If this sounds like you, we’d love to have you sign up as an SVN Bestie.


Sign up to become an SVN Bestie by clicking the button below!

We hope you enjoy being one of the Besties and we look forward to keeping you in-the-loop!

Got some questions? We’d love to hear from you! Flick us an email at and we’ll get back to you.​

Looking for a little more commitment? Try one of these 3

Between the ages of 13-30 who's interested in participating in, leading and or amplifying projects. 

A skilled professional (we look for all skills) who wants to provide support through advice to our project leaders 

The best kind of teacher or school staff member who wants to support students at their school make the world a better place!