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Image by Clem Onojeghuo


What is the Exec Committee?

The Exec Committee is a small group that oversees SVN’s overall functions as an organisation. They also support all other volunteers both incoming and existing, and meet fortnightly to plan the organisation’s strategy and projects. From finances to leading our administration, to driving our reconciliation and social media account, this team will be a key backbone that sets SVN and its project teams up for success.

Positions Available

Reconciliation Officer

The Reconciliation Officer’s role is to research and create ways for SVN to engage in reconciliation and First Nations justice projects. A person who identifies as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander is highly preferable for this position. 

Orientation Lead

The SVN Orientation Lead's role is to help recruit and welcome volunteers that want to join our community, and/or help out on our projects and programs, to find a role that suits them, and provide ongoing support. They will also works closely with other members of the SVN Team, to create and implement new welcome processes. Interpersonal, communication and recruitment skills and experience are valued, but not essential. 

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