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Image by Priscilla Du Preez


What is the Tech Team?

The Tech Team is responsible for maintaining the Discord server, an ongoing, easily accessible platform for discussion and resource sharing to enable young people to take progressive advocacy. They will also be responsible for maintaining the Google Drive, a space to hold resources and templates for young people to access and add to to support their advocacy. 

Positions Available

Support Lead

The Support Lead’s role is to run a portion of the SVN Tech portfolio, as well as liaise with the rest of the team to support and uplift the SVN Community through these channels. Examples of these portfolios will be the Google Drive, the Events Manager (running virtual events), and the Channel Manager (to set up and maintain a few different channels in the server). These roles are very flexible, and can be combined or split as needed. They will work with the rest of the Tech Team to manage the Discord server, through management of bots, channels, roles and user support.

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