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What is the Exec Committee?

The Exec Committee is a small group that oversees SVN’s overall functions as an organisation. They also support all other volunteers both incoming and existing, and meet fortnightly to plan the organisation’s strategy and projects. From finances to leading our administration, to driving our reconciliation and social media account, this team will be a key backbone that sets SVN and its project teams up for success.

Positions Available


Social Media Officer

Finance Officer

Reconciliation Officer

Admin & Legal Officer

Volunteer Liaison

The CEO’s role will be to oversee the operation of the Student Voice Network and liaise with the two committees (the Project Accelerator Committee and the Tech Team) to ensure their ongoing success.

They will also oversee the other main aspects of the organisation, including finance, marketing and legal compliance. In the future, they will also help set up and liaise with the Advisory Council, a body that advises SVN about strategy and best practice for operations and recruitment.

A background in leadership and/or project management is desired but not required. 

The Social Media Officer’s role will be to create regular content, including posts and videos, that promote and celebrate the work and achievements of SVN members and volunteers to the broader community. SVN mainly uses Instagram to promote the organisation to other young people, but we are definitely open to suggestions for other platforms! The Social Media Officer will also be responsible for maintaining the SVN website. 

The Finance Officer’s role will be to research and apply for grants that can support SVN’s in its ongoing operations, as well as work with the rest of the team to plan and set up ways for SVN to become a successful social enterprise, through school workshop delivery and the like. 

The Reconciliation Officer’s role is to research and create ways for SVN to engage in reconciliation and First Nations justice projects. A person who identifies as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander is highly preferable for this position. 

The Admin & Legal Officer’s role will be to set up and maintain policies and procedures such as the SVN Constitution, Privacy Policy, Working with Vulnerable People Checks, and any other admin or legal compliance work at the Organisation’s discretion. 

The SVN Volunteer Liaison's role is to help recruit and liaise with volunteers that want to help out on our projects and programs, to find a role that suits them, and provide ongoing support. Interpersonal, communication and recruitment skills and experience are valued, but not essential. 

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