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Hi there! We are so glad you are interested in joining. We have so many amazing ways to get involved, so buckle up as we take you on a short glimpse of how you can make SVN your new home.


At SVN, we run tailored programs and impactful projects that make a real difference on topical issues close to our members’ hearts, from climate change to mental health, racism to sexism and more. We also offer countless other hot opportunities like targeted upskilling sessions, fun social events with like minded peeps, mentoring, charity events… we are the platform to be part of!

At SVN, we know that we can do more together then we ever could alone. With the Student Voice Network there is no need to reinvent the wheel as we learn and support each other to take back the reigns of our future and make a difference.


All member options provide different opportunities and commitments however all serve a purpose. 

VD: A circular cropped image of a hand holding up a sign at a protest. The sign fills the circle. On the left of a sign there is a hand drawn image of Bob the builder. To the right it reads "can we fix it? yes we can" In between the e and the s in the word yes there is a drawing of the earth.

Join the Network!

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All member options are FREE!!!

People between the ages of 13-30 who's interested in participating in, leading and or amplifying projects. 

Someone who has campaign experience and wants to provide support to mentees through advice to our project leaders.

The best kind of teacher or school staff member who wants to support students at their school make the world a better place!

TL,DR on each member option!

How do I join the Student Voice Network?

All member options are FREE!!!


Becoming an SVN Member is your golden ticket to getting involved in all our fab opportunities, if you are aged 13-30 and would like to:

  • receive free one-on-one or group mentoring

  • would like to be a part of a community of changemakers that shares resources, advice, tips and tricks 

  • come to our monthly catch ups and skill shares

Then this is absolutely the opportunity for you! Find out more on our SVN Member page. 

Become an SVN Member


Teachers… where would we be without them? You are at the forefront of one of our most essential services: education. At SVN we recognise and champion just how vital a role teachers and education have to the work of young people in launching impactful projects and activism in social and environmental issues. 

By becoming a Teacher Ally, you become a trusted contact for students at your school involved in SVN, or who want to learn more about getting a foot in the door on activism and projects in social and environmental issues. 


This is the perfect opportunity for teachers who would like to spend the occasional moment supporting students to make a real difference in issues they (and you!) care about. You’ll watch both the students and your collective impact grow and expand!


We also ask Teachers who sign up as an Ally if we can contact them for further opportunities, such as offering their expert perspective for other schools and providing feedback that will back our work and our tried-and-tested resources.

Become an SVN Mentor


Do you have industry experience in social or environmental justice? A guru at leading projects or other endeavours? A freelancer who would love to help out our network? Do you want to help guide the next generations of young changemakers? If you said a yes or two just now, you may be the perfect fit to be our newest SVN Mentor!

We are looking for people of any age to assist and guide our project leaders in their work, in areas ranging from plastic pollution to racial injustice, and everything in between!

Become an SVN Teacher Ally

Got questions? We’d love to hear from you! Flick us an email at and we’ll get back to you.​

Together we
will create a wave of change that will ripple across this country.

  • Worked with National Geographic through their GenGeo program to communicate with young environmental actors from across the world. Additionally, go on to facilitate a session 

  • SVN Members were interviewed by the age 5 times and have gone on ABC radio .

  • With the Melbourne Girls' College Enviro Team and Student Voice Network members, organise and develop a free, virtual climate conference for over 200 young Victorians in the middle of lock down. 

  • MC the young changemaker’s panel at the virtual Zero Waste Victoria Festival

  • Partner with ISAP to support students looking to study overseas 

  • Partner with INAC to support them in their mission to stop Melbourne street harassment 

  • Partner with Ucapture to expand their carbon offset program through web extension downloads

  • Joined forces with the NCWV (National Council Women Victoria)

  • Established SVN working bees - a virtual space to connect, work on SVN projects and study 

  • Established SVN Skillshares - a monthly development session for all SVN members and interested young people to learn a new skill, hear a new pathway and advance interests. Notable speakers including Ruby Rorty from the US as a social media influencer to direct action online, Jemima Montag Commonwealth Gold Medalist and Yasmin Poole the 2018 Chair of the Victorian Government's Youth Congress, the inaugural youth advisory board representing over 1 million young Victorians.

  • Support Ocean Youth as alumi speaking at 2 events

  • Releasing the first edition of green mag as a collection of student environmental input including contributions from young people across Australia, Italy, Uganda and the United States

  • Releasing the second edition of SVN Green Mag: Climate edition - a series of 100 slides to educate on the climate crisis. 

  • Was spotlighted by GirlEd world on their instagram as the founder and Lead Student Organiser at SVN. 

  • Oversee the SVN instagram account and takeover weeks 

    • Body positivity 

    • Girls education 

    • Fast fashion 

    • LGBTQI+ awareness

    • Mental health

    • Musicians and activism

    • BIPOC awareness

    • Waste

  • ​​Speak at Port Phillip Eco Centre and City of Darebin climate event

  • Participated in initiatives like Laps for Life, where SVN members took the plunge to raise funds for ReachOut to help save lives

  • Enjoyed amazing events like our 2021 "Target 2035: A Virtual Climate Conference’

  • Run impactful projects like Oceansfeed, which is raising awareness of issues facing our oceans and making them more accessible.

  • One member had a chance encounter with Andy Lee and made him laugh (Ya know. From Hamish and Andy?)

Some notable mentions from the past few years

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