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SVN Ambassadors help grow our network by representing their school, university or organisation. This is a great role for those that want to connect young people around them to all the amazing opportunities of SVN, boosting their local impact to leave a positive mark in their school or community. 

Who can become an Ambassador?

Any young person signed up as an SVN Member can become an Ambassador for their school, university or organisation. This can count as your project as a Member, or can be an extra way you create positive change in your community. 


The Ambassador program is a one year commitment and involves quarterly meetings to check in and share your work. Our Ambassadors also help recruit a Teacher Ally from their school who will help support their fab work. It also has a tailored orientation program to get you started and ready to run in your new Ambassador role, upskilling you in how to reach out to people like teachers and get word out on your work in a cool and catchy way!

​How do we support our SVN Ambassadors to do this?

The ambassador program:

  • provides young people with access to tried-and-tested resources from other schools 

  • gives young people a platform to share resources from their own school to further their impact in other communities across Australia and the world

  • offers support from our network of enthusiastic members to help Ambassadors establish their own local projects or clubs

  • delivers targeted upskilling programs to support the work and personal growth of Ambassadors

  • gives Ambassadors their very own ID badge and shareable certificate for their participation, which will help make any resume or profile pop!

Jump on board! 

Join the Ambassador Program

What are you waiting for? If this sounds like the snazzy new role for you, sign up as an SVN Ambassador today to grab that cool new Ambassador title and expand your impact.

We can’t wait to see your brilliant ideas come to life and hopefully make real change.

Remember: You've got to be an SVN Member first!


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