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Do you have an activist project that you’ve wanted to get out into the wider community, but haven’t had the opportunity or resources to do so? Is there some problem or issue with the world you’d like to change through clear action? Then becoming a project architect may be for you!

Project Architects are the designers and leaders of all SVN projects. They run these themselves with guidance or help from senior SVN leaders when needed. SVN prides itself on allowing both independence and freedom to our Project Architects to allow them to make a difference where they see fit. Some SVN projects that have been made by Project Architects include:

The Target 2035 Virtual Climate Conference which aimed to educate and involve young people in how we could save our planet from climate disaster.​

The Disaster Risk Reduction boot camp which equipped young people with the skills necessary to prepare for disaster and to take back the situation. 

The tampon tax project which aimed to remove the sexist tax placed upon menstruation products.

Just a few of the fab benefits include:

Why lead a project with SVN?

  • A member base of enthusiastic young people who want to assist you 

  • A space that can amplify your ideas and project to impact tens of thousands of people

  • Gain access to our library of tried and tested resources created by other young people and professionals

  • Join a convenient and free space via our Discord platform to hold virtual meetings and our google drive to keep resources

  • Support systems to personally check in with you and your workload 

  • The legitimacy of an established platform standing by your side

  • Support in branding, fundraising, event planning and other impact-accelerating essentials

  • Access to a small (hopefully growing) pool of funding!

  • Hot opportunities within SVN and our partners and networks as they arise, and so much more!


Sign up to join the 

Project Architect Program

So what are you waiting for? If you have an idea, we’d love to hear it! Click the button below and sign up to become a Project Architect.

If you’re interested in joining the Project Architect program, but are not yet an SVN member, you can sign up to be one by clicking here.

We can’t wait to see your brilliant ideas come to life and hopefully make real change.

Remember: You've got to be an SVN Member first!

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