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Join the SVN Team!

The Student Voice Network is looking for passionate young people to help run our network and current programs. There are three teams that we are launching soon, The Executive Committee, Project Accelerator Committee, and the Tech Team, We need engaged and committed young people to join!

VD: A circular image of a sign at a climate protest. On the left of the sign there is a hand drawn image of Bob the Buildern. To the write it reads "can we fix it? Yes we can" with an image of the earth drawn between the e and s. this is held by a white hand with heads filling the bottom of the image.

Join the TEAM!

VD: an arrow pointing down the page
VD: an arrow pointing down the page
VD: an arrow pointing down the page

Core group that oversees SVN’s overall functions as an organisation. They also support all other volunteers both incoming and existing and meet fortnightly to plan the organisation’s strategy and projects.

Committee that manages our online spaces (Discord and Google Drive) to be accessible and useful platforms to encourage, support and uplift our members.

The Project Accelerator Committee will run an all-in-one project ideation, design and mentoring program to connect young emerging leaders with experienced changemakers to take their advocacy to the next level.

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