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Climate action education and awareness in schools

Everywhere you see headlines about the climate crisis getting worse every second, but do you really know what's happening? Why its happening? What the real facts are? We cant help with the solutions if we don't understand the problem. As the climate crisis will be affecting every young person, we should all be aware, educated and taking action. This project is trying to change schools attitudes to ensure that every young person is educated and equipped with the knowledge to take meaningful climate action.

This project aims to discover the current education requirements about the climate crisis in schools across the country. Its goal is to improve what is currently the expectation in the curriculum. Awareness is the first step to action and change but the key to proper awareness is education, people are more likely to care if they know the situation and understand the facts, and as a student in Australia, I can say that right now the climate education is not good enough. It gets mentioned here and there but is always assumed that students know the basics. But often, they don't. If we want a future worth fighting for, we will all need to come together, understand the facts and make a change. This is what this project is going to do by surveys, research, analysing and strategizing from the data and giving valuable feed back that will help make the difference that is needed for the future of the earth!

Project Run by:
Madeleine. G, 14

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