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OceansFeed will make Australia’s underwater marine worlds more visible, more accessible and more vital to people. It will bring the sea where it needs to be into the hearts and lives of those who aren’t as connected. will build awareness of marine worlds online. In a click we will bring marine ecosystems and wildlife into people’s home. In a click we will educate and make more people care about what is underwater. will be epic, expert and engaging. Oceansfeed will be a multiplatform environmental conservation organization featuring a Instagram account @oceansfeed_au, website and a Facebook page making for easy for collaboration and communication plus making imparting of underwater information as accessible as possible.

Problem: The health and sustainability of our oceans is vital for human health and sustainability. Many people don’t understand the link. If people can’t see it, people don’t believe it. Ocean visibility is a major challenge.

Solution: A website and socials will be dedicated to collecting underwater facts, figures, and stories. It will also spotlight projects and research initiatives on conservation missions to save our oceans. We are commence ocean changing projects with ambitions to protect the blue. We will highlight our marine life and truly reflect what is in occurrence underwater.

OceansFeed will bring conservationists and marine enthusiasts from all over, celebrating and collaborating to bring a positive blue future. We want to be recognized as the game changing marine organization assisting our oceans to flourish.

Project Led by:

Elliott Hull CEO/Founder (Yr 9), Zac Annal Outreach & Communications Director (Yr 8), Suhasini Dokowry (Akshi) Social Media Manager & Marketing Director (19)

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