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Target 2035 Virtual Climate Conference

This world needs more young people who feel empowered to make a difference. Fundamentally, the goal of SVN’s Target 2035 Conference is to achieve just that. The Target 2035 climate conference will include two days of hands-on, interactive, and empowering education addressing the question at the very forefront of this global crisis: what can we actually do to help?

It is our mission to equip as many people as possible to understand the impending climate crisis and provide the tools for meaningful action!

After the overwhelming success of the SVN 2020 climate conference, held in conjunction with Melbourne Girls College, our newly designed virtual conference is back in 2021, bigger and better than ever. Planned for Friday the 18th AND Saturday the 19th of June, this year the conference will operate over two separate days in order to provide time to gain an even more comprehensive insight on a diverse range of topics within the climate movement. Our Friday sessions will be open to high school groups and students with a particular focus on youth activism and sustainability within both school and broader society. The Saturday of the conference will be open to any and all members of society, regardless of age, who are interested in learning more about climate change and want to contribute to making the world a better place.

Consisting of five sessions a day, the Target 2035 conference sessions will be run by both the SVN team and professionals from a diverse field of lived and worked experience. Operating in rotating blocks, sessions one, three and five will be directed to all attendees, however, sessions two and four allow participants to choose their own adventure! We want to open the stage for more specific and focused conversation in areas surrounding climate action, focusing on both the environmental and social consequences of climate change. These may include areas such as climate and: health, refugees, feminism, media, biodiversity, renewable energy and so much more! This way students may go to different workshops and thus bring back different ideas from their peers to the classroom to discuss later.

The Conference is planned for:

Friday the 18th of June - 9am-4pm AEST
Saturday the 19th of June - 9am-4pm AEST

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